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     The legend speaks of a time when there was only darkness, a time when our galaxy was only void space and silence, and a time when the concepts of joy or laughter were unreal.  Then came the Sun – permeating her majestic light throughout the fields of solitude and darkness, giving birth to the myriad of planets and stars that would become its family, and spreading her love to nurture the millions of natives that would come to inhabit her home.  As life spread throughout the once obscure galaxy, what seemed almost impossible was for the Sun to give life to one of her own.  And finally, a spec of hope came to be – the life giver finally had a life of her own growing in her womb.  But even in a galaxy full of light, darkness will always make an attempt to prevail and its name was the Moon.  As a youngster, the little Moon was as cool and bouncy as the natives residing there, constantly revering what the Moon considered as his mother: The Sun.  Nevertheless, the Sun could not dedicate all her love to the little Moon and as at he grew, he became colder day by day spreading his envy to the natives to take on as their own –  for they did not receive his mother’s love like the rest of the galaxy, until one day he and his brethren became unrecognizable.  When the Moon discovered that his mother was pregnant, such odium and resentment suffocated him forcing his own to construct a potion that would leave her barren for all eternity.  As a result, the Sun lost her only hope to have a child and after figuring out the culprit, she banned the Moon and his people to 1000 years of seclusion and reflection.  After culminating a year of grief, the Sun finally let herself feel the joy once more and decided to dedicate her energies to all the life she could give, even if it wasn’t her own.  With all the grace and perfection that she could offer, the Sun created a multitude of stars that would go on to be the suns of their own solar systems.  Yet one in particular became as if her own, infused with her own essence and her own light: Gamma Pergonae which would go on to give life to a planet and those that would inhabit it.  But the Sun feared Pergonae’s safety and wanted her child far away from the darkness of the Moon sending her off sixty-five thousand light years away from her, even if it meant she would never see Gamma Pergonae again.

     As her name suggests, Gamma Pergonae was the brightest of her mother’s emissions bathing her own planet with the gamma rays from her womb.  And so Illuminati was born.  With the greatest loving touch any mother could have, Pergonae filled her Illuminati with everlasting sunlight rotations, glimmering constantly whether in a state of sunrise or sunset.  There was never any darkness in such planet forming a perpetual variation of sunshine.  Every 80 days constituted one earth year and each year meant that Illuminati would receive bountiful shine from her grandmother as her birthday present.  Yet every day had to endure an eight phases of light making up for what would be represented as 8 earth days.  Its size was magnificent, as big as 28 times the size of Earth and its people the double of humans, causing its gravity to be 8gs.  


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