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I was born in

a center of corruption and a place where tyranny thrived, yet only in my home did I truly learn about the significance of respect, honor, family, and love.  Out there, outside the doors of my only place of comfort – lay a world full of greed and deception, one where sincerity was not a form of greatness, but one of weakness.  Trespassing the exterior of my home meant entering a savage fight for survival of the fittest and disregarding people to the most extreme manner; since at the end of the day, the ends always justified the means.

            Having become an orphan at the early age of eight due to my town being raided by the Orion Pirates, my mind and my heart survived barely with the fuels of hatred, indignation, and sorrow.  I spent sleepless nights wiping off the tears of my dead parents and reminiscing of the happiest times of my life.  My days were as long and endless as petroleum is black and adhesive.  Everyday was a new raid or a new killing, training me and the others to become as cold and solitary as the Moon.  Our hearts were no longer warm and fuzzy, but instead filled with darkness and and a thirst for blood.

            Days became years and soon I became thirteen, struggling with my body and my crave for domination.  Having captured another young population, the Orion Pirates believed that having me was a waste of resources since they really never were able to brainwash away the memories of my family.  Thus I was sold away as cattle, for despite my soul was as dark as the inside of any cave, no one could see beyond the sparkle in my eyes and the white of my teeth. 

My new masters were a race called “humans” from a planet known as Earth.  They were exceptionally strange as their manners were not gruesome and frequent murders, but “technological advances.”  Till this day I believe that my second masters were even more wicked than the first, establishing themselves as foreseers of all improvements, developments, and progress – and yet always were the first to contradict their words with the horrible actions.  The Orion Pirates were appalling having convicted more crimes against humanity that thought possible and nonetheless they were not as awful as the next.  The humans from Earth were not simple satisfied with the gain of brute force and brute power, since they knew its ephemeral state of condition (as fast it came and as fast it would go).  Instead they yearned to become the next megalomania of all the galaxies ever existed.  They dreamed of universal dominion.  Alongside of them came arrogance, indifference, and the worst of all envy.  All that was pretty and all that was valuable was theirs no matter who had been there first or who believed to have owned such thing.  Yet the trouble was that somehow anything that was touched or in the near presence of these humans, felt the killing energies they transferred poisoning their wanting to keep breathing.

On the first mission I ever went to was one in which I was still new to the whole process. We traveled approximately 65 light years towards a solar system with a star named Gamama Pergonae and landscape on the most precious of planets ever existed.  The skies of the planet were changing states throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset and a handful of other colors.  The natives taught us their legend and their lifestyle, missing out on no detail and expressing to the fullest extent their respect for nature and of course the Sun, Gamma Pergonae, and their planet Illuminati.  We lasted ten days and in those ten days while the leaders of my “people” and the most cultured and smartest natives from theirs discussed matters, I was sidetracked by the other children from the planet.  Somehow they pulled me out of my confinement and freed a slight portion up the rage that was eating me up.  We must have walked miles and miles as the landscape seemed to never end.  Whatever the native children did with grace and delicacy, they motivated me to do so the same, of course I didn’t do the best job.  But at one point I lay side by side with one of the Gxapás on the tiniest yet vastest Sunflower strip ever possible.  As I paused there, I allowed myself to open my mind, my ears, and my heart to this beautiful melody and somehow I let myself dream that once again all was good with the world as me as a toddler and two loving parents beside.

And when we finally departed, my goodbyes were the most heartfelt ever and somehow my tears were as real as though I were leaving my parents once again.  Their brightness and love and constant improvement for learning amazed me, but mostly I was awestruck by the fact that they had even accepted me and moreover spent time with me, despite me being damaged goods.  Just before my departure, a two-year-old native came along and handed me three Sunflowers that she had collected in a gorgeous golden ribbon and before allowing anyone to see my gift, I swiftly thanked her and hid away my present.  It was on the third day after our arrival to Earth that I finally reopened my Sunflowers, but having placed them in a container they somehow melted away and the only thing left was a golden liquid.  And so desperate to retrieve my gift, I poured the whole essence onto my body.  Little did I know that such liquid would heal away what I thought for so long were unamendable wounds and spread to my heart the true meaning of happiness and love.

After that moment, my vision was revealed.  I had been destined for the greatness of light and its derivatives, not for darkness and its evils.  Thus, I managed to escape the compound and ended up wandering for weeks on end until I found it.  When I found the compound of the Infinity Knights, a part of me knew it had never been a coincidence, somehow my “wandering” was a path I did not know existed that took me to my fate.  Here, as I opened the gates of the magnificent building and was received by a round of applause by a myriad of Infinity Knights, I realized that they knew me and this was all part of a journey I had to endure in order to see if my goodness, my wanting to spread light, and my need for love were still intact despite the horrors I endured.  Once a good Sunflower seed, always a good Sunflower seed or so they say.  Thus, began my journey with my brethren the Infinity Knights battling all the sins and dismays ever thought possible rendering the galaxy as one full of light, just like The Sun would have wanted.








My Story

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